Wednesday, January 20, 2021

That Mildew Smell In Your Washer

Using a washing machine is part of the daily routine in many households. However, there are occasions when washing machines will start to give off an odor. Many times, that odor comes from mildew inside the washing machine. It does not take much of it to make a big stink so we want to help you understand and avoid the problem altogether.


One of the primary causes of mildew in a washing machine is a buildup of detergent. Using too much detergent and fabric softener can lead to too many suds and that can lead to traces of grime which remain lodged in the drainage pipe. It is also the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mildew.

Another cause of a mildew smell is the use of only cold water during a wash cycle. The reason for this is due to the fact that cold water does not do as good of a job rinsing away residue when compared to hot water.

Drain obstructions are another issue that can lead to mildew. This can happen over the course of time as small objects left in pockets could start to become lodged in the drain. That will make it difficult for residue to drain after a wash cycle and the accumulation of that residue will give of foul odor.


The most obvious effect of mildew is that it is unpleasant to breathe. It will cause your laundry room to retain a foul odor. If the issue persists, it could lead to health issues, particularly for people who have allergies.

Another negative effect is that your washer will not get your clothes fully clean. The presence of mildew indicates there is another problem, which means excess suds and residue will not be fully rinsed from your clothes. There is also the chance of your clothes attaining that mildew smell.


You can clean out your washer entirely with the use of bleach. First, take all the clothes out and make sure the washer is set to hot. Pour in a cup of bleach and then run an entire cycle.

To get rid of excess suds, you can either use less detergent or use a home remedy. Pour a cup of vinegar and run a wash cycle. During this cycle, the vinegar will eliminate any remaining suds or residue. Once that is completed, run a rinse cycle to get rid of the vinegar smell. 

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