Monday, November 23, 2020

How to Keep Front Load Washers Odor Free

The process of washing clothes in a front load washer is intended to leave us with fresh, clean clothes that smell wonderful. However, that is not always the case. There is a simple explanation for this reality as well as some simple ways to avoid such odors.

Many people pay high prices for quality front load washers. And while the process of washing clothes seems simple enough, there are mistakes a lot of people make. Adding too much detergent to a load is a common mistake. That is because not all of that detergent will get washed away.

Excess detergent and excess fabric softener accumulate over the course of time and also contract pieces of clothing fabric and body dander. This eventually forms a coating that is similar to sludge. While it may not always be visible, it can sit in the drainage pipe and begin to fester. The moist air in that drainage pipe is the perfect breeding ground for mildew and mold. Once that begins to grow, the foul smells tend to follow.

So how should people remedy this issue?

Ventilation is key. You can start by leaving the door open on your washer when it is not being used. This will subdue some of the moisture in your machine by letting more air into it. However, many laundry rooms are poorly ventilated. Adding a fan to that room could improve the overall ventilation. Here are some more tips to keeping odors out of your front load washer:

•    Use proper laundry detergent and measure each dose accordingly with each load.
•    Do not overuse fabric softeners, less is always better.
•    Air condition your laundry room during the summer months.
•    Always clean the lint filter as wet lint has a foul odor to it.
•    Do a regular check of dryer vents to ensure it is not full of moisture.

The most important takeaway is to understand the conditions that are optimal for mold and mildew. If you can create an environment that does not promote those conditions, your front load washer should remain free from odors. Remember that these washers are tested for working efficiency by their manufacturers, but they do not come with instruction manuals in regard to their regular upkeep. This responsibility falls in the hands of those who use a front load washer day in and day out.

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