Monday, October 26, 2020

How to get the ice dispenser on your refrigerator to start working again

An ice dispenser on your refrigerator adds a little more convenience to our lives. This device is often taken for granted, that is until we have to do without it. In the event that your ice maker breaks, there are some things you may want try to get it back to normal without having to call a appliance repair service.
An ice pick: a hand tool used to break up ice.

If your ice dispenser is not producing cubes at a fast rate, there are a few things you can check. This same process also applies to an ice dispenser that has stopped producing ice altogether. It does not require years of training or an in-depth knowledge of refrigeration.

First, look behind the refrigerator for any kinks in the line. Follow the line for its entire length and make sure a kink is not the reason for the unit’s slow production. Also, be sure to check that the water supply valve is turned on. An owner’s manual can be helpful when conducting any of these checks.

When you have made the proper checks but have failed to make progress, here is a solution that can help. Make sure you disconnect the power before starting this process. Remove the bucket, empty the ice and flush with hot water until all the ice is melted. This solution works in a lot of instances because a clogged ice bucket remains a common problem. What happens is ice chips start to accumulate which creates an ice maker clog.

The warm water will eliminate any accumulation of ice chips in the dispenser. Once you have completed that process, let the ice bucket completely dry. You can even be extra vigilant and let the bucket sit for a few hours before returning it to its place. Once it is reinserted, make sure that the drive component is engaged as it is supposed to be. Use your owner’s manual as a reference if you are uncertain about that function.

Once that is completed, turn the dispenser back on and wait for it to start harvesting ice. If there is little or no production, then you know there is another issue to blame. Other issues can be more complex and often require the assistance of a professional appliance service company. Otherwise, this task can be done on a regular basis whenever you notice a lapse in production with your ice dispenser.

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