Monday, July 27, 2020

Get Rid of Garbage Disposal Odors with Ice Cubes

Garbage disposals are a place people dispose of bits of organic kitchen waste, so it is only natural for unpleasant odors to emanate from them at some point in time. This is an even more common occurrence during warm months since bacteria can easily flourish. When odors develops, rest assured that there is a simple, low cost solution for most cases. With so many DIY solutions floating around, we want to make sure you know which simple solution can truly alleviate this issue.

A trick to fixing this issue is to fill a large cup with ice and drop the contents into your kitchen sink. Then, run the garbage disposal. When the ice is broken down into smaller-size chips, it acts as a type of cleaning solution that scrubs out the garbage disposal. They are small enough to get into areas of the disposal that are difficult to reach with a conventional method of cleaning. This will get rid of any food particles that are creating any foul smells.

For those who want to take additional measures in removing all traces of garbage disposal odors, add some vinegar in your ice cube trays before the water freezes into cubes. The vinegar will attack any lingering bacteria and keep smells from recurring.

And don’t worry about having the cubes cause damage your blades. The ice is not hard enough to the point where it will dull the blades. Coincidentally, the cubes will have a positive effect by actually sharpening the blades. It is a way to not only get rid of foul smells and odors, but to ensure that you have a well-functioning garbage disposal.

This ice cube method can be considered a form of regular maintenance for kitchen disposals. Professional plumbers typically recommend the use of cold water when running a garbage disposal, which speaks to the effectiveness of ice cubes. Cold water also helps to prevent drain clogs and overheating.

The ice cube method does not negate the basic rules that should be followed when running a garbage disposal. Homeowners should still avoid putting certain items in their garbage disposal and should also practice proper protocol.

The use of ice cubes is also simple enough that everyone can do it. There is no need to run out and spend money on any products that claim to keep a clean garbage disposal. In fact, some chemicals may have an adverse effect and wind up harming your garbage disposal.

If you encounter any garbage disposal issues that cannot be fixed through this ice cube method, contact the team of professionals at Plaza Appliance Service for the best garbage disposal repair Charlotte, NC has to offer.